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Adriana is alre…

Adriana is already 2 years old. We have already celebrated her birthday twice. One on the 6th of June, 2012 and the other on Sunday 10th for those people who didn’t get the birthday party had been cancelled. I have everything prepared still and hopefully we will be celebrating with many friends and family her second birthday. It might be on June 17th or June 24th. It all depends on the weather. It is amazing how the weather can change your life in two seconds. Oh well, we will have to pray Santa Clara.

Her birthday party is going to be thematic. She loves Dora and that is the theme we chose. From the decoration, to the pinata to the cake, everything is Dora related. I am just hoping to see her enthusiasm, and her eyes shinning when she sees everything. Love you, my baby!!


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A way to keep our family memories

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A way to keep our family memories

A way to keep our family memories

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A way to keep our family memories

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